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Yvonne Ciesemier
Jun 15, 2021
In Share Your Stories
Les and I met Judy and Fred camping at Hilly Haven campground. They had the site next to us. We became friends immediately. We would have camp fires together while enjoying cocktails. Then Judy and Fred moved to Plymouth Rock Campground and we followed them. There we met Ronald and Lillian and the three couples hung around together and became best friends. The boys did various handy work jobs together and Judy,Lilllian and I did girly activities such as luncheons shopping and various activities. Our family's would join us at times and we included them in our activities. Judy was a special lady. She always volunteered to host get togethers with the other campers. She was also an avid reader. I am a better person for knowing Judy.You will be missed by friends and family. My prayers are with you and family. Yvonne Ciesemier

Yvonne Ciesemier

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